Fertility Reflexology


What is Fertility Reflexology

After Victoria Miles, great success in Baby Farm Group,UK, we are now bringing the treatments to Ireland. If you have been on the Fertility journey you would know that a myriad of factors impact fertility. The journey can be somewhat confusing, however, in collaboration with and under the expert guidance of Victoria Miles who runs the successful Baby Farm Group, we will hold your hand and take you along the journey. Victoria has helped many couples take home a healthy baby.  You can read some feedback from the clients treated by Victoria. Between Victoria and I, we will not be leaving anything to chance.  


What can I expect in a session

Prior to the consultation I will send you an in-depth questionnaire for both partners to fill in which will help us to understand your circumstances, lifestyle and come up with a treatment plan. On your first visit we will discuss the questionnaire in detail and conduct a reflexology treatment. For maximum benefit Victoria has designed a Treatment plan that has proven to work. So why change a good thing :) 


How can Fertility Reflexology help me

When it comes to fertility, it is imperative for the females that the menstrual cycle is regulated. Reflexology can assist with balancing the hormones. For male clients, the sperm can take upto 3 months to show an improvement as that is the time it takes for a newly formed sperm to reach maturity.

During each session, I will monitor changes and progress and follow the protocols to assist the body do what it should be doing.